Tải Nhạc Chuông Fly Away – TheFatRat

Tải nhạc chuông Fly Away – TheFatRat hot nhất hiện nay, miễn phí về điện thoại.
Thể loại: Nhạc Âu Mỹ
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Fly Away – TheFatRat
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Lời bài hát nhạc chuông: Fly Away – TheFatRat

Somewhere by the emerald sea
Where the moon and water meet
Somewhere close to harmony
When the world is sound asleep
Something’s gonna bring a change
Journeys we are meant to take
Something at the edge of space
Calling us to fly away
Don’t you be afraid
Everything will change
You and I
Jumping of the edge
They say dreamers never die
So, come and fly
Come and fly
Come and fly away with me.

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